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Alaska 2018 – Alaska Trophy Adventures

Join me in Southwest Alaska
Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge
September 9-17, 2018

I’m very pleased to announce that I have begun hosting both fly fishing and wing shooting trips for Frontiers Travel. Join me this September at Wayne and Jacob McGee’s Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge.

Why ATA Lodge?

A Truly Remote Alaskan Experience – While many fishermen who travel to Alaska associate “remoteness” with access by float plane, the truth is that, unless the water is private and permitted… if one float plane can land, there’s nothing to stop others from doing the same thing. ATA is remote by virtue of it’s location and lack of access by float planes.

Home Water – ATA Lodge is strategically located on the famous braids of the Alagnak River, just six miles below the confluence of the Nonvianuk River.  There are over 100 miles of legendary “Home Water” accessible by jet boat.

Bad Weather – ATA Lodge isn’t reliant upon aircraft to access it’s best fishing, we fish each day from the lodge by jet boat… regardless of the weather.

Reasonably Priced – Because ATA Lodge doesn’t own or lease a fleet of float planes, it can keep the price of a weeks fishing at a reasonable rate. While some fly-out lodges cost between $9500 to 12,000 per week, ATA Lodge charges just $5495… half the price of a fly-out lodge!

A Hosted Experience – I’ve fished and guided in Southwest Alaska since 1984, and I’ve painted and written about it just as long. Join me, and over the course of the week, watch the process of an oil painting being completed. Every day, upon your return to the lodge I’ll explain the days progress, answer your questions, and perhaps give you a turn with the brush! I’ll also read from my collection of essays and short stories about three decades of guiding in Alaska. Join us, there’s no extra charge for this value added experience!

All the information you’ll need can be found on the Frontiers Travel website. You can review the trip catalog here.

To book your hosted week, contact…

Tom Gilliland
Frontiers Travel
Alaska Program Manager
Toll-free: 1-800-245-1950
Phone: 724-935-1577

Let me know if you have any questions, or if we can be helpful.

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  • Sharon Loewe says:

    Dear Bob,
    Please keep sending me your wonderful and truly amazing stories, paintings, and travelogues from all over the world. Although I am not able to purchase artwork I love, maybe someday it will happen. I love your site. I am especially drawn to the vast aerial landscapes you’ve been painting.
    Thank you for your art.
    As always
    Sharon Loewe

    • Bob White says:

      Hi there, Sharon.

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to reach out, and letting me know that my work speaks to you. That means more to me than you might expect. I love the aerial landscapes too!

      Stay well and in touch.

      Warmest regards,

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