Watercolor Illustration Sale

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When I’m asked to illustrate an essay or short story for a magazine my job is to encapsulate the essence of the author’s words in a single image. In doing so, I often have the opportunity to paint images I might not otherwise have considered.

The small watercolor illustrations in this selection encompasses a myriad of work for outdoor and sporting publications; Ducks Unlimited, Shooting Sportsman, Gun Dog, and Midwest Fly Fishing.

Throughout the art and publishing world there are some that use the term, “illustration” as a pejorative; something less than fine art. In some cases, this may be true. Other times, however, these paintings take on the lightness and wondrous feel of the finest artwork. For example, I believe the painting, “Gadwalls Hanging”, is an extraordinary image. And, there are many others. Take a look through the selection and enjoy the work. If you find something that speaks to you, now is the time to collect an original piece of art.