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Oil on Stretched Canvas

44 x 32 inches

It’s often times a mixed blessing when an artist sells a painting. There are a few that I wish I still possessed. Several years ago I painted a complete watercolor in just one day… from start to finish. It was as if the painting was inside of me waiting to be released. And, the process of its release was amazing! I remember sitting, exhausted in front of it when it was completed, sipping a whiskey, and wondering if I’d ever do a better painting. That’s a very sobering thought for a painter!

The painting, “Evening Soft” sold, but Lisa and I have a print of the original hanging in our living room. Whenever I walk past it, I recall that magnificent late night.

I’ve always wanted to repaint the scene in a way that improved the image, instead of merely reproducing it. I recently discovered a large canvas in the loft of the studio, and felt inspired to repaint the scene as a large oil.

This painting was a struggle at first, until I stopped trying to recreate the past and heard the a new song.

I’m very happy with the finished work, which I’ve titled, “Glide”. I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

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