Essential Fly Fishing by Tom Meade


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Illustrated in full color by Bob White
The Lyons Press, New York City, 1994
6″ x 9″ Paperback, 142 pages

This all-color handbook presents the fundamentals of this great sport quickly and effectively. Proven teaching techniques and bright, helpful color illustrations will enable new fly fishers to:
• Find fish in streams, lakes, and salt water
• Select and assemble proper, balanced tackle
• Cast a fly line with authority – with rhythm, not strength
• Recognize and learn to simulate natural fish foods
• Learm techniques that really work!
• Tie effective knots that have maximum strength
• Begin the endlessly interesting process of tying your own flies
This book concisely explains fishing ethics, offers helpful safety precautions, and defines basic angling terms. The chapter on fly-rod fish describes the unique sport that many species – from trout to whitefish – offer fly fishers. Essential Fly Fishing is a crisp, helpful, superbly illustrated primer of the highest rank.

Midwest Fly Fishing’s review of this book states “Luminous watercolors by sporting artist Bob White, who lives in the Midwest, are a feast to the imagination. His illustrations enhance a well-written basic text that covers the essential components of fly fishing, which include selecting rods/reels, casting, reading water, fly-rod fish, fly tying and accessories.”

Tom Meade, formerly an editor for Fly Fisherman Magazine and Fishing & Hunting News, now writes about outdoor sports for the Providence Journal-Bulletin in Rhode Island, the state in which he lives.