Fly Fishing and the Meaning of Life by Wade N. Brooks


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Out of print.
Illustrations and photographs in full color by Bob White and many others
Voyageur Press, St. Paul, Minnesota 2006
5.5″ x 5.5″, Hardcover, 96 pages 33 b&w illustrations

Fly Fishing and the Meaning of Life is a light-hearted look at the sport of fly fishing.

Fly fishing is a philosopher’s sport, an activity best suited for the introspective and discerning mind. From the rivers and streams of fly-fishing country, anglers have pondered the meaning of fly fishing, catching (and releasing) trout, and life.

Insightful and amusing, this collection features wit and wisdom from the myriad sages of the stream, including Norman MacLean, John Voelker, Nick Lyons, Lee Wulff, Joan Wulff, John Gierach, Patrick McManus, and Izaak Walton. Illustrated with an array of historical photographs, vintage magazines and ads, and beautiful contemporary artwork and photography, this book is sure to amuse the streamside philosopher in all of us.