Morning Soft on the Bois Brule


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Morning Soft on the Bois Brule is a painting of my friend, Damian Wilmot, poling his impeccably restored Lucius canoe up the Bois Brule River one foggy morning.

I usually paint from my own experiences, sketches, and reference photos. In some cases, however, a friend’s image is so perfect and powerful that it speaks to me; demanding to be painted. Such was the case with a series of photographs that Keith Crowley took of our mutual friend, Damian. Keith was kind enough to grant me permission to paint from his image, and it was a real pleasure to stand before the canvas with a brush in hand.

Morning Soft on the Bois Brule is an original oil painting on stretched canvas. It measures 30 x 36 inches.

This image is available as a fine art print here.

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