A Bird in the Hand by Ted Nelson Lundrigan


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Optional Original Pencil Drawing

We offer this book with a signed original pencil drawing on the title page by Bob. Please request your choice of game bird feather in the box below.


Original Illustrations by Bob White
Countrysport Press, Camden, Maine 2006
6.25″ x 9.25″ Hardcover, 239 pages, 33 b&w illustrations

In his Introduction, author Ted Nelson Lundrigan writes: “Have I taken any trophies? I have held onto and I have let go of places, people, dogs, guns, and game birds all in pursuit of six hours of life without a care in the world. That surely is a trophy, the greatest of all and as rare as the unicorn.”

At its core, A Bird in the Hand is indeed about trophies, though not those ranked by size or numbers or scores, but, rather, the lasting trophies of the mind and heart. In his lyrical, trademark style, Lundrigan shares vivid images and compelling thoughts over a range of personal experiences from his beloved Minnesota grouse coverts to the red-dust quail country of western Oklahoma, from big-water duck gunning to sharp- tailed grouse hunts on the prairies of North Dakota.

We still have a few of the original pencil drawings available from this book, as well as limited edition prints of the cover art.

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