Fly Fishing for Bonefish by Dick Brown

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Illustrated in black and white by Bob White
The Lyons Press, New York City, 1993
7″ x 9.5″ Hardcover, 334 pages

No brand of fly fishing challenges anglers more than stalking bonefish on tropical saltwater flats.

Fly Fishing for Bonefish offers a definitive profile of this elusive fish and thoroughly dissects the skills needed to catch it. Brown shows how to find and see bonefish – how to spot feeding and mudding signs, the camouflage techniques the fish adopts, the effects of tide, temperature, and weather on where the fish will be and how it can be spotted. Then he gives helpful advice on how to fish cruising or tailing fish, which stripping techniques work best, how to set drag, and the most effective ways to strike and fight bonefish.

An especially interesting section treats fly selection and design – with color plates of more than seventy patterns tied by some of today’s most innovative fly developers, including Carl Richards, Craig Mathews, Jack Gartside, Jeffrey Cardenas, Lefty Kreh, Ben Estes, Tim Borski, Jim Orthwein, and many others. Brown also catalogs major bonefish destinations around the world.

With its hundreds of color and black-and-white photographs (the color sections on how to spot fish are excpetionally valuable), dozens of line drawings by Bob White, and a crisp, authoritative, and extensive text, Fly Fishing for Bonefish is the definitive book on what may well be fly fishing’s ultimate challenge.

Dick Brown headed corporate communications for a Fortune 500 computer company before retiring in 1987 to pursue his two favorite gamefish, Atlantic salmon and bonefish. He has bonefished for more that fifteen years in Bimini, Andros, the Bahamas outislands, and the Florida Keys. This is his first book. Brown lives in Harvard, Massachusetts.

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