Trout Bum by John Gierach – SIGNED


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Signed by John Gierach, Reuben Dunagan, and Bob White. *

This book includes a signed original pencil drawing on the title page by Bob. Please request your choice of fly in the box below.


Trout Bums!

Who are those handsome devils to the left and right of John Gierach? Could it be? YES! It’s Reuben Dunagan and Bob White!

With a cover photograph by Steve Laurent, John Gierach’s seminal classic, Trout Bum, is now in its 20th edition. We are offering a very limited edition of just 45 copies, signed by John Gierach, Reuben Dunagan, and Bob White… with an original drawing of the fly of your choice (by Bob) on the title page.

If you’ve ever fished or worked at Bristol Bay Lodge, then chances are you’re going to want a copy of this very special edition.
  • Signed by John Gierach, Reuben Dunagan, and Bob White
  • Limited to just 45 copies
  • The fly of your choice drawn by Bob White on the title page
  • Cover photo by Steve Laurent

John, Reuben, Bob and Steve already have their copies of this very special edition… if you’d like one, don’t wait too long to order!

Brilliant, witty, perceptive essays about fly-fishing, the natural world, and life in general by the acknowledged master of fishing writers.

While most of us fly-fish to escape from daily life, for John Gierach and his friends fly-fishing IS a way of life. They are trout bums. But John Gierach is also an exceptional writer. The essays in Trout Bum are reflective, bitingly humorous and enormously wise in the ways of fishing and men. In vivid, unforgettable detail they recount the emotional, spiritual and tangible adventures and pleasures of stalking trout in and around the Rockies—day in, day out, from season to season, with friends and alone. John Gierach’s essays join the literary tradition of angling classics like The River Why, and A River Runs Through It.

The Pruett Series
Hardcover, 226 pages
WestWinds Press; 20 edition (August 15, 2013)
6.1 x 0.9 x 9.9 inches



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