Traditional Bows and Wild Places by E. Donnall Thomas Jr. – SIGNED


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Optional Original Pencil Drawing

We offer this book with a signed original pencil drawing on the title page by Bob. Please request your choice of game bird feather in the box below.


Signed by the author and the photographer
Original cover art by Bob White
6 x 9 inches, Softcover, 2022
336 pages with 50 B&W photographs by Lori Thomas

Even if you’ve never met Don Thomas, you’ll feel like you have after reading this book. Traditional Bows and Wild Places is an in-depth account of one man’s traditional bowhunting journey across the world.

With trusty bow in hand, Don takes you from the wilderness of North American to the Australian Outback to the plains of South Africa and beyond. His observations about bowhunting, wildlife, and nature will inspire and educate as you continue your own traditional journey.

This book is packed with useful and fascinating information from the former editor of Traditional Bowhunter Magazine. You’ll also enjoy many fine photos by Lori Thomas.

“As one of the most prolific authors in the outdoor field today, Don Thomas is well-known – and well-read – by outdoorsmen and women from all walks of life, all over the world. He has an innate ability to entertain readers through his gift of the written word and a special talent for teaching through his stories. He has a unique ability to draw the reader into the story, taking him or her with him on his travels. That is a rarity in outdoor writing today, and this book is filled with such adventures.”
~ T.J. Conrads, Traditional Bowhunter Magazine

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