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About “Under a Gibbous Moon”

By January 15, 2024Adventures
Under a Gibbous Moon

I’m often engaged by editors and art directors to illustrate the essays or short stories in their hunting and fishing publications. While some artists might chafe at “being told what to paint”, I often find myself grateful for the motivation to paint an image I might otherwise have never considered. Any opportunity for me to stretch my repertoire and step out of my comfort zone is a welcomed one.

“Under a Gibbous Moon” was conceived and painted to illustrate Nate Corley’s narrative essay, “One Last Hunt at Muck Pond”, which was recently published in the winter 2024 issue of Shooting Sportsman. In his essay, the author writes about the passage from youth to adulthood, and the last hunt with a boyhood friend before their separation.

Corley begins his story with a description of the friend’s late-night road trip to a favorite marsh, and their travel beneath a “waxing” moon. I’ve always been fascinated by the moon and its powerful symbolism for change; the foreshadowing of birth, growth, loss, and death ultimately followed again by rebirth.  As it seemed to me that the essay explores change and loss, I suggested the moon’s description be altered to that of “waning”. The story’s ending, however, illustrates that change doesn’t always necessarily mean loss, and my painting was given its title; “Under a Gibbous Moon”.

The term “gibbous” refers to the phase of the moon between a crescent and half, or half and full; both waning and waxing; change without loss.

The original oil painting is available here.

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  • Wayne Turner says:

    I have said to you before”you know what it’s like”. Stay the course my friend. At 82 with both boys living overseas, I hunt mostly vicariously through sporting stories and your art. Wayne

    • Bob White says:

      Hey there, Wayne.

      I’m sorry that both your boys are overseas… and glad that you can get your fix through the artwork.

      Thank you!

  • Bob:

    Always enjoy seeing your new works — so amazing. Looking at your half-sheet original, “Sockeyes in the Agulopak” that hangs in my office. One of your best. Technically amazing. Happy New Year!

    Mike Purvis

    • Bob White says:

      Hey there, Mike.

      How wonderful to be in touch with you after all these years… thanks for reaching out to us.

      I’m glad that the painting of the sockeyes on the “Pak” still bring you enjoyment.

      All the very best,
      Bob & Lisa