Fly Fishing Minnesota by Carl Haensel – SIGNED


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Optional Original Pencil Drawing

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Signed by the author
Interior Illustration by Bob White
Paperback, 358 pages
8.5 x 11 inches
Namebini LLC (December 2022)

  • 200+ full color photos
  • Over 125 major water systems covered, plus many more tributaties, branches, lakes and streams
  • 60+ full color maps with access, fishing easements, camping, parking, dams, hiking trails and more
  • Fly fishing techniques for trout, bass, pike, muskies, walleyes and more
  • Regional fly recipes from local tiers
  • Full list of local fly fishing shops, businesses and nonprofits
  • Hatch charts for mayflies, caddisflies and stoneflies around the state
  • Lake maps with depth, including chains like Minnetonka and Whitefish
  • Sections include: Northern Trout Streams, Southern Trout Streams, Trout Lakes, Warmwater Rivers and Warmwater Lakes

About the Author
Carl Haensel is a fly fishing guide, writer, photographer, educator and biologist. He has guided and taught fly fishing since 1996 and has authored over 100 articles on techniques, tips, flies and locations, as well as other literature. He has worked extensively in the conservation community with Trout Unlimited and others to protect, restore and preserve the waters of the region. He lives in Duluth, Minnesota with his wife Jade Thomason and daughter Maeve where they operate their business, Namebini.

Carl Haensel and Jade Thomason’s articles and photos have appeared in American Fly Fishing, Eastern Fly Fishing, Northwest Fly Fishing, Pennsylvania Angler and Boater, American Angler, Field and Stream, Midwest Flyfishing, Trout Unlimited Minnesota, and other print media, as well as online. Jade serves as editor for Trout Unlimited Minnesota, the official publication of the Minnesota Council of Trout Unlimited with a circulation of 7,000 copies.

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